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Filmpool Nord is one of nineteen regional resource centres for film and video in Sweden. We work to foster and develop film education initiatives as well as to encourage creativity in young people. Filmpool Nord promotes the distribution and screening of films, supports the production of short films and documentaries and nurtures talent in young filmmakers.

Our media education initiative functions as a resource for teachers, children and young people in Norrbotten. The aim with this initiative is, in accordance with the national school mandate, to offer tools and methods that encourage media-rich instruction and learning experiences. Our media education initiative focuses on film and cinematography, but since our daily communication takes place to a large extent through a combination of different media forms, our work is essentially interdisciplinary. We work with children, young people and teachers and Filmpool Nord arranges youth film festivals, short film competitions and special initiatives with film screenings, film camps and school cinema screenings around Norrbotten.


For further information contact



Lars-Eric Larsson, Children and Youth Film Commissioner, Filmpool Nord,
Tel.                       +46 705464074                or [email protected]



photo: Lena Lahti