Filmpool Nord’s media education initiative functions as a resource for teachers, children and young people in Norrbotten. The aim with this initiative is, in accordance with the national school mandate, to offer tools and methods that encourage media-rich instruction and learning experiences. Our media education initiative focuses on film and cinematography, but since our daily communication takes place largely through a combination of different media forms, our work is essentially interdisciplinary.

CONTACT: Lars-Eric Larsson, Children and Youth Film Commissioner
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Below is a selection of courses for teachers. It is, of course, possible to tailor the education programme to meet local needs and requirements and to prepare the film and cinematography course content in consultation with you.



Introduction to storytelling through film

Introduction to storytelling through film aims to provide tools to strengthen knowledge and awareness of the function and language of film as a medium. We consider how and why a story is told and give examples of methods to analyse film and cinematography.

Content: The grammar of filmmaking, structure, dramaturgy, characters and components of story (what we see, how we see and what we hear). The course provides the basic knowledge to enable you to work with, and analyse, film in your teaching.
Duration: half day
Previous knowledge: none


Working with video cameras


To work with video cameras is a simple, yet effective, way to provide insight and knowledge into the language of the moving image. It is also an excellent tool for assessment, theme work, and documentation.
Content: Image composition and the basic camera functions, as well as the creation of your own short film.
Duration: full day
Previous knowledge: none
Maximum number of participants: 10



Digital video editing

With the aid of user-friendly technology, learn to improve and enhance film through digital video editing.
Content: From camera to computer, editing, sound editing, images, effects, opening and closing credits.
Duration: full day
Previous knowledge: basic computer skills
Maximum number of participants: 10

Film combo course

: A combination of the above three courses plus an overview of synopsis and storyboard.
Duration: 2-3 days
Maximum number of participants: 10


Digital storytelling

Learn how to place the individual in the spotlight through the use of Digital Storytelling, a technique popular among students. The student starts by telling a story which is then digitalised and strengthened through the addition of film, sound and stills. This results in a documented narrative, using a method and produced in a form that is also suitable for assessment of thematic work.


Content: Introduction to digital storytelling, script copy, digitalising material (sound, images) and editing.
Duration: 3 days
Maximum number of participants: 10