A key part of film education in our schools is the School Cinema programme. This initiative enables children and young people – from pre-school to upper secondary school – to watch and work with various kinds of films at their local cinemas. This shared cinematic experience is used as a forum for debate about issues that touch mankind, but also about the language and expression used in films.



Assistance with applications


Lars-Eric Larsson, Children and Youth Film Commissioner at Filmpool Nord, assists and guides local councils through the application process for School Cinema funding. One of the primary tasks of Filmpool Nord in Norrbotten is to work with initiatives for children and young people. Support funding for School Cinema aims to develop film and media education initiatives for children and young people. The purpose of the funding is to provide quality film experiences to children and young people as well as to give them an opportunity to deepen their understanding of cinematography and film as a medium. The funding is also designed to contribute to the establishment and development of School Cinema, media education and film creation by young people. The support has been part of a state funded film policy since 2006 (Prop. 2005/06:3; avsnitt 9.3 Stöd till film i skolan).



Filmpool Nord assists with applications for School Cinema funding from the Swedish Film Institute. Application for funding can be made twice a year: the final day for application in spring is 31 March (decision in May) and in autumn, 30 September (decision in November). The application shall be sent to the Swedish Film Institute by post.


For further information contact

Lars-Eric Larsson, Children and Youth Film Commissioner, Filmpool Nord,
Tel.                            +46 70 5464074                     or [email protected]

Additional information can be found on the Swedish Film Institute’s website at



School Cinema films

We know of many suitable School Cinema films that we would be glad to share with others. If, however, you know of a good film for young people, we would be happy to discuss the options for showing the film. The latest School Cinema films in Norrbotten are: ”I taket lyser stjärnorna”, ”Nico” and ”Elina – som om jag inte fanns”.

School Cinema films can be booked, and information about the films downloaded, on the Swedish Film Institute’s website. Some films have a discount when shown in conjunction with School Cinema screenings. http://www.sfi.se/sv/svensk-film/Filmbokning/


School Cinema in Sweden

The School Cinema initiative was run in 176 of Sweden’s 290 municipalities during the school year 2007/2008. In 124 of these municipalities it was run without funding from the Film Institute. During that period there were 3,586 screenings attended by a total of 466,323 people. Filmpool Nord aims to have School Cinema in every municipality in Norrbotten.


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