General information

Filmpool Nord AB (FPN) acts as co-producer in productions, with requirements regarding rights and returns. FPN’s co-production primarily aims at the following genres:
•    Short fiction films (guidelines for co-production of short fiction)
•    Documentary films (guidelines for co-production of documentary films)
•    Feature films (guidelines for co-production of feature films)



FPN invests in film projects that locate all or part of their production in Norrbotten County. Shooting may take place outside the County in cases where the project is of high priority and contributes to strengthening the industry in the County and its infrastructure. FPN invests only in projects where shooting has not yet been started.



International co-productions: Only projects with an affiliated Swedish producer and production company may apply. A foreign principal producer must always have a Swedish co-producer.


If there is no production company or FPN’s formal co-production requirements cannot be met: FPN cooperates with Film i Västerbotten in a project whose purpose is to develop talent in short fiction films. The project Talang AC/ BD is being launched in winter 2015. FPN also runs a talent and hothouse activity within its ordinary short film and documentary film operations.


Applications for co-production input are made on a running basis throughout the year. A response to applications made within 4-6 weeks.


FPN’s co-production input is subject to the company’s horizontal goals for gender equality and cultural diversity. Attention shall be paid to the national minority languages in Norrbotten.
Production and film industry questions are discussed and drafted in FPN by a working group comprising involved responsible managers, CEO, the film commissioner/ studio manager and information officer.


Who makes decisions?
Decisions on investment in feature film projects are made by the CEO on recommendations from the involved consultant. Decisions on investment in short fiction films and documentary films respectively are made by the involved consultant and ratified by the CEO. Consultants responsible for production have full responsibility for dialogue, process and negotiations until a decision is made/ ratified. Depending on genre, the producer/ production company shall always contact:
•    Katja Härkönen, Commissioning producer, short fiction and documentary film
•    Per-Erik Svensson, Commissioning producer, feature film and TV drama


FPN’s Chief Executive Officer has overall responsibility for the company, budgeting and production guidelines. The company board is continually informed of decisions.


Guidelines apply to Filmpool Nord AB’s (FPN’s) co-production of full-length feature films.


Per-Erik Svensson
Commissioning producer, Feature Film

Mobile: +46 70 333 40 75
E-mail: [email protected]