Filmpool North welcomes you to FILM CONVENTION ’16 on 6-7 December at Norrbottensteatern in Lulea . This year’s theme : film policy

We are working on getting the cultureminister to be involved and hope that the Film Institute can present more details. The Parliamentary Culture Committee is going to be invited aswell as SVT and TV4 .

We also want to discuss the new regional map. What will it mean for the filmindustry in Sweden?

More information will be continuous . Registration will open in a month , but reserve the date now.

Filmpool North will provide information on discounted accommodation in Lulea 6 to 7 December , but the booking of flights is provided by respective conference participants . From Stockholm / Arlanda fly both SAS and Norwegian from Gothenburg are direct flights to Lulea . Filmpool North thank Norrbottensteatern to once again we can arrange our Movie Convention at the theater , at the northern port of Lulea .




Filmkonvent ’14


The program of Filmkonvent ’14 at


Filmkonvent ´13


The program of Filmkonvent ’13 at


Filmkonvent ´12

The program of Filmkonvent ’12 at (only in Swedish).


This year’s lectures and discussions are unfortunately mostly held in Swedish. But the convention offers also opportunities for informal conversations and networking. And for anyone interested in Swedish film industry – this is the meeting place.



Filmkonvent ’11


A summery of Filmkonvent ’11


Here is this year‘s programme sessions – read  the whole programme in English.  New this year is that the lectures and discussions are simultaneously interpreted for our international guests. Come and join us you too.


Here is a list on participants registered (updated 28th November 2011):