About Filmpool Nord

Filmpool Nord is a regional centre for film and television production. In addition, Filmpool Nord is a resource centre for film, which means that we work actively with programmes for children and young people in the region. Filmpool Nord is run as a corporation and is owned by twelve municipalities of Norrbotten and Norrbotten County Council. Filmpool Nord began work in 1992 and was one of the first regional resource centres in Sweden, later also becoming a regional production centre. The annual turnover 2014 is approximately SEK 27,8 million. The company has nine full-time employees as well as project staff.


Filmpool Nord has always worked with a variety of projects, where each project addresses a specific development area within the audiovisual industry.



Filmpool Nord’s vision


Film is to be a vital cultural form and an important cultural industry in Norrbotten. Filmpool Nord is to be the northern hub of Swedish and Nordic film and TV production.




  • To be the county’s expert body in the field of film production, and to contribute expertise to the owners for decision-making on input and investments in film operations.


  • Contribute to increased film and TV production in Norrbotten, by co-producing short films and documentaries, feature films and creative TV productions.



  • Develop the film industry at regional level by working for increased production volumes, and through initiatives for film workers and film companies, support with skills and resources, talent coaching and film industry development.



  • Work with film for children and young people in schools and elsewhere to support interest in films and the long-term development of the industry.



  • Support the dissemination and screening of films in general, paying particular attention to regionally produced films in the context of the inhabitants of the county.



  • Market Norrbotten as a film region with our unique assets in the form of nature, culture, people, skills and infrastructure; and to contribute Norrbotten work climate and hospitality.


  • Work for a greater number of filmic narratives from northernmost Sweden, for the northerly perspective to be reflected in the national media and screening opportunities, and broaden the picture by depicting both wilderness and urban settings, both the unique and the universal.



  • Emphasise gender equality, environmental consideration and diversity as clear horizontal goals. Develop the international dimension by showcasing new Swedes and the people of Norrbotten in films and TV.



  • Build long-term relations with the Swedish and international film industries, with particular attention to the Nordic countries and European film networks.



  • Spread awareness of the community benefits for Norrbotten by clearly presenting of our operations. Improve corporate dialogue via contacts and meetings with elected representatives in local government.



OBJECTIVES 2015-2017


• The owners attach equal importance and interest to both missions – film culture and the film industry.


• 100 Norrbotten film productions are made available via Filmpool Nord Play.


• Media skills among teachers in Norrbotten are raised through the drive for Filmpool Nord Media Lab.


• Cooperation with Västerbotten strengthens the film industry in northernmost Sweden. Västerbotten increases its contribution to Talang AC/BD through targeted grants from Umeå Municipality.


• Production resources for short films and documentaries are prioritised for people living in the region. For 2017, 75% of the resources go to people and/ or companies in northernmost Sweden.


• More stories from northernmost Sweden and Arctic Europe through investments in for example script labs, cooperation projects and scriptwriting teams.


• Initiatives aimed at new Swedes in order to make use of diversity in the narrative perspective.


• More creators from the region and more key functions.


• Increased investment in serial TV drama based on benefit to the regional film industry, increased visibility of/ attention to image/ identity.


• Short-term: earmark annual corporate contribution for TV drama co-productions (+3 MSEK).


• Long-term: doubled budget for co-production initiatives for feature film/TV drama (+10 MSEK).


• Nordic projects take priority with regard to international co-productions.


• Secure long-term sustainable film and TV production in a social, economic and ecological perspective.


• New film centre with studios, offices and media lab to be inaugurated in Luleå in 2018.



photo: Lena Lahti and graphic design by Jenny Olsson