A brief history


Filmpool Nord was formed in 1992 and was the first regional resource centre in Sweden. Through early success Filmpool Nord set an example for other regions by providing the spark that set off a regional change in the Swedish film industry. Today there are 19 regional resource centres around the country.

Filmpool Nord began as a three year trial operation that proved successful. In 1992 the entire budget of 2 million kronor was regionally funded, except for 100,000 kronor provided by the national television service SVT. The County Labour Board and the Association of Local Authorities were the principal financiers of the project. Some of the productions from the first year were “Långfärdsskridskor” by Jan-Olof Granqvist, “Torkel Wennman” by Boris Ersson and “Strama Tyglar” by Yvonne Lager. The feature-length film “Kärlekens himmelska helvete” directed by Agneta Fagerström-Olsson was the first feature film co-funded by Filmpool Nord in 1992. After the four-year trial period, Filmpool Nord was made permanent, becoming a company in January 1996. At the time of formation, six of Norrbotten’s fourteen municipalities became partners in Filmpool Nord. Later the same year, Norrbotten County Council and a further four municipalities also joined as partners.


The reason behind the success of Filmpool Nord can be described as a mixture of proficiency, conviction and commitment. What has enabled Filmpool Nord to create so many successful and versatile productions is the development of various components that are of importance to film production – such as a solid infrastructure that facilitates feature film production, skilled film workers, industry-related development, Studio Kronan and long-term investments in children and young people. It is also about having access to the varied and exotic filming locations with local people committed to, and supportive of, so many film productions.



Kärlekens himmelska helvete, foto: Giraff Film

“Kärlekens himmelska helvete”
photo: Giraff Film