You can get to Luleå by air, rail and coach. Several airlines use Luleå Airport called Kallax which is less than 10 km from the centre of Luleå. Luleå Airport has 12 flights daily to and from Stockholm, and flying time is only 80 minutes.


Filmpool Nord

Filmpool Nord is located in a old “Kurirenhuset” in the center of Luleå city, next to the cathedral. In the same buildning are also BD Pop, Almi. Kreanova, Miroi and several other consulting companies. Find the old “Kurirenhuset” on  Google.


Filmpool Nord AB
Stationsgatan 36
972 32 Luleå

Studio Kronan

Studio Kronan is located in the middle of the Kronan area. Se the map of Kronan area in Luleå, follow Kronbacksvägen: Kronan area. When you have entered the Kronan area follow the mainroad straight towards The Recycling Center. The road curves to the left and after that you take the first side road to the left, signed C2. You will come to a open area where you will see a big grey buildning. That is a buidning for both studio and production office.


Bus and taxi

Bus number 6 goes from Smedjegatan to Kronan. It takes about 11 minutes.

You can eeven take flighttaxi from Luleå Airport, Kallax to Kronan cots 153 kr och and takes about 20 minutes. Call for a taxi at number         +46 920 10 000                         .