Filmpool Nord ownership structure


Filmpool Nord is a limited liability company. The partners that own Filmpool Nord comprise all the municipalities in Norrbotten County and Norrbotten County Council. The share capital amounts to SEK 3 000 000. The ownership was distributed as follows:

• Norrbotten County Council, 32,86 %
• Luleå Municipality, 16.18 %
• Kiruna and Piteå Municipality 9,09 %
• Boden, Haparanda, Jokkmokk, Kalix, Pajala, Älvsbyn and Övertorneå municipalities, 4,54 % each
• Arjeplog och Överkalix municipalities, 0.5 % each


The Board

The Board is made up of representatives with insight into and experience in the film and media industry, public-sector procedures and business operations.   As of the annual meeting on 2012, the board consists of the following members:


Jan Palo, Gammelstad, Luleå
Activities: Senior Consultant, Copywriter
Other duties: chair of the boards of BD Pop Ltd, part-owner and a board member of Yours Communication Agency in Luleå Ltd and Bortbyting Ltd
[email protected]



Clas Gunnarsson, Gothenburg
Activities: lecturer in media production at University West, filmproducer, film distributor  and cinema owner.
[email protected]



Sonia Harr, Boden
Activities: The Head of Folkets Hus in Boden, has worked as music teacher and culture politician.
[email protected]


Staffan Ling, Umeå
Activities: consultant of Balticgruppen
Other duties: Board member at Hotell Borgafjäll, restaurang Sävargården and restaurang Viktor in Umeå.
[email protected]

Eva Quist, Laisvall
Activities: Management and organisation consultant through her own company, EQ-konsult.
Other duties: Board member of the business organisation Företagarna Norrbotten and chair of the board of Coop Norrbotten.
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