Filmpool Nord participates in awarding a number of film industry scholarships. Applications are not accepted for these scholarships.


Filmsparken is awarded annually by Filmpool Nord, Norrbottensakademien and Luleå Municipality. The prize consists of SEK 30,000 and a miniature gilded kick-sledge.

Previous winners of Filmsparken:
2003 Jan-Olof Grankvist, filmmaker
2004 Anette Winblad, director
2005 Magnus Fredriksson, animator
2006 Susanne Karlsson, production manager
2007 Arjeplog Film Festival Tro, film och kärlek
2008 Ingela Lekfalk
2009 Mitra Sohrabian, director (animation, documentaries) and Valentina Svensson, TV-director, dokumentary filmmaker
2010 Lena Lahti, photograf and filmworker
2011 CMiT – Centrum for Media and Information technology in Piteå
2012 Anders Durvall, head of Film- & TV-production at Kalix Folkhögskola (college)
2013 Jonas Selberg Augustsén, director


The Tromsø Palm

The Tromsø Palm is awarded to the best film in the competition FILM FRA NORD-programme at Tromsø International Film Festival. The Tromsø Palm comprises a cheque for EUR 5,000 and a diploma, which goes to the director of the winning film. The Tromsø Palm is a prize awarded by the four film centres in the Barents Region; Filmpool Nord (Luleå, Sweden), Film i Västerbotten (Umeå, Sweden), POEM (Oulu, Finland) and Nordnorsk Filmsenter (Honningsvåg, Norway).

Previous winners of the Tromsø Palm:

2002 SKÅRUNGEN, Per Ivar Jensen, Norway
2003 ONE CHRISTMAS MORNING, Patrik Eklund, Sweden
2004 SCREAMING MEN, Mika Ronkainen, Finland
2005 FRAGILE, Jens Jonsson, Sweden
2006 CREDO, Stein Elvestad, Norway
2007 TOMMY, Ole Giæver/ PRIRECHNY, Tone Grøttjord, Norway (shared)
2008 SUMMERCHILD, Iris Olsson, Finland
2009 VARDE, Hanne Larsen, Norway
2010: Å PUSTE UT MUSIKK / BREATHING MUSIC, Trond Eliassen, Norge
2011:  HOW TO PICK BERRIES (MITEN MARJOJA POIMITAAN), Elina Talvensaari, Finland 2010
2012: FLIMMER, Line Klungseth Johansen, Norge
2014: AMASONE, Marianne Ulrichsen, Norway


The New Nordic Voices Award

The New Nordic Voices Award is made in connection with Nordisk Panorama, the five cities film festival, which rotates between the five Nordic towns of Malmö, Reykjavik, Bergen, Århus and Oulu. The New Nordic Voices Award is made by Filmpool Nord, Film i Skåne, Vestdansk Filmbulje, Vestnorsk Filmsenter and Icelandic Film Centre. The SEK 40,000 in prize money is given to a director of a short film or documentary that has its première at the festival. Nordisk Panorama is a major film festival for short films and documentaries.

Previous winners of the New Nordic Voices Award:
2007 THE WALK, Csaba Bene Perlenberg, Sweden
2008 69, Nikolai Viborg, Denmark
2009: Toxic Playground, William Johansson and Lars Edman, Sweden
2010: My Heart, My Bad by Mari-Kaisu Mononen, Finland
2011: Manenberg, Karen Walltorp och Christian Virum (Denmark)
2012: The Betrayal av Karen Winther (Norway)
2013: A World Not Ours av Mahdi Fleifel (Denmark)



One of the world’s most important short film awards! The prize consists of film equipment and a cash sum from trade association Resurs, the Swedish Film Institute’s short film commissioner Andra Lasmanis, Swedish Television, Folkets Bio, Filmpool Nord, Filmpool Mitt, Filmregion Stockholm-Mälardalen and the Swedish Union for Theatre Artists and Media. The total value of the prize, which is intended to help finance the winner’s next film, is SEK 938 000.

Winner 2011: Las Palmas, director Johannes Nyholm