Is Filmpool Nord a production company?

No, Filmpool Nord is not a film production company. Filmpool Nord is a regional resource and production centre for films. We co-produce and fund films. Were cooperate with film companies. They take care of the practical side, shooting etc. Filmpool Nord participates as a financier in the films which Filmpool Nord’s consultants select.

We want to visit for study purposes, can we do that?

We welcome study groups. Get in touch with the Filmpool Nord information officer to check available dates. We try to fit in large groups during certain periods, when we can show filming in Studio Kronan for example.

We want to visit a shooting location; what should we do?

Contact the production company direct. Sometimes we can arrange study visits at a studio shoot.

I want to work in the film industry, what should I do?

Contact the production company itself, or you can contact the Swedish Lapland Film Commission, You can also read more about training courses for film workers under the link Utbildningar, or click here.

I want to work as a trainee at Filmpool Nord, is that possible?

Since Filmpool Nord is a regional resource and production centre for films, our work is mostly administrative, so we do not usually accept trainees at our workplace.

I want to work at Filmpool Nord, what should I do?

At present there are no vacancies.

I would like to be a film extra.

Get in touch with Swedish Lapland Film Commission, The film commissioner Berit Tilly helps you. You can also contact a production company direct. Sometimes production companies also advertise for extras.

I would like to contact a certain actor or director.

Get directly in touch with the production company.

Can Filmpool Nord finance my film?

Filmpool Nord works with professional directors and production company. You can read more about co-production rules under the link Production. Sometimes woolly setup film projects which directly target women, young people, new filmmakers, etc. Read the information under the link Training.