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2011-10-24 Sources 2 in the North of Sweden




2009-04-07 Filmpool Nord Development

2008-10-22 Film Arc





Under “Press Images” you can find a number of images from our film production, as well as images of current short films and directors. In order to download the press images you require a password, which can be obtained from the Information Manager. Feature length material can be found at the bigger distributing networks, SF, Sandrews etc. and we refer you to their press offices for further information. Filmpool Nord’s logo can be found in several formats under the link Logos.

You can download pictures of the staff here. These pictures are protected under copyright law.  Images may only be reproduced when used to illustrate editorial content in newspapers and magazines and then only when the text refers to Filmpool Nord and those persons represented in the images. The images are to be credited to the photographer Lena Lahti and her name, together with the person represented, shall appear adjacent to the image.  The images may not be copied, shown or distributed without prior permission from Filmpool Nord in each instance.



PICTURES OF THE STAFF, photo: Lena Lahti

P-E S S.P. K. H. L-E L B.T.
Per-Erik Svensson,
CEO and Senior Executive Feature Film, Filmpool Nord
Sirel Peensaar,
Senior Executive Short Film and Documentary Film,
Filmpool Nord
Katja Härkönen, Information and Marketing Manager,
Filmpool Nord
Lars-Eric Larsson, Film Commissioner Children and Young People,
Filmpool Nord
Berit Tilly, Film Commissioner, Swedish Lapland Film Commission