Artist Dan Lestander in Luleå Exploring the Hole in the Ice

Breath, Dan Lestander

Artist Dan Lestander in Luleå Exploring the Hole in the Ice


Dan Lestander has during several years, been working with ice. Now his photographic art “Breath I, II, III” and the video “I´m Watching” has been admitted to Liljevalch’s Spring Salon 2011 in Stockholm. Why are you working with ice, Dan?


   – I like ice and skate a lot.  Ice is between sky and see – the hole in the ice becomes an opening, a window. You can move between different elements. Ice belongs to the environment I live in. Ice is both an obstacle and a possibility.  When ice is part of my art, I feel that my roots are a part of the artwork. 

    Last year Lestander´s  earlier video-art  “Dreams and Wishes” was screened at Liljevalch’s Spring Salon 2010. Now the video is included in Art:Screen´s collection of Swedish art video that will shown at Beaconsfield, Canteen Gallery in London;  Rotterdam International Film Festival and at Athens Video Art Festival in spring 2011. The video “Dreams and Wishes” is also included in the screening program Cologne OFF, which is a touring festival in and outside Europe during 2011. What does all this mean to you?


   – It´s great, an appreciation for what you do. It is important that other people see what I‘m doing – as it can lead to exciting encounters. Art is all about communication.  My work start processes within other persons. That is also stimulating for me.


Liljevalch’s Spring Salon will be open until 28th of March 2011. For more information see


text: Katja Härkönen



 Breath 3, Dan Lestander    Dreams and Wishes, Dan Lestander            
 “Breath III” of Dan Lestander    “Dreams and Wishes” of Dan Lestander            


 I am Watching, Dan Lestander                
“I’m watching you” of Dan Lestander                
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